More than a tribute...
The Production
The Most Authentic Beach Boys Tribute
In The Business!
"The Beach Buoys" is a top-tier Beach Boys tribute show based out of Orlando, Florida.  The Beach Buoys are available internationally for Concerts, Theaters, Casinos, Cruise Ships and Corporate Events.

The show was conceived by long-time tribute creator and producer Shawn Bryant - producer of the hugely successful tribute to The Beatles:
"The British Invasion"
(15-Years - Walt Disney World - Orlando, Florida).
The Beach Buoys are seasoned, working musicians who have taken great effort to recreate the Look, Sound, and Feel of a live Beach Boys Performance circa 1965!

The approach is NOT to simply "Cover" Beach Boys music. The approach is to offer a "True Tribute" to The Beach Boys.  Meaning:
  • They pose a reasonable and realistic resemblance to the original Beach Boys.
  • They use the correct Guitars, Amps, and Drum Set.
  • They wear the identical Striped Shirts, Straight-Legged Slacks, and Boots.
  • They reproduce the 5-Part Vocal Harmonies, the Choreographed Moves, and the Energetic Atmosphere.
  • And most importantly... They Interact With The Audience. They Involve The Audience. And They Have FUN With The Audience!
Since The Cast Members Of The Beach Buoys Have Performed In Dozens Of Different Top-Tier Acts
Meaning Thousands Of Live Shows, Spanning Three Decades, While Working With Legendary 60's Icons...
The Producer And Cast Of The Beach Buoys
Have The Proven Talent, Experience, And The Ability To Entertain where they...
Can Be Considered
The Most Realistic Beach Boys Tribute Band
In The Industry!
The Beach Buoys Promo Video
The Look
The Sound
The Fun
The Beach Buoys (2)
The Producer
Shawn Bryant
The Beach Buoys is the latest project of the long-time Musician, Performer, and Tribute Producer, Shawn Bryant.

Shawn brings decades worth of Experience and Production Know-How to this project.

His professional career in the entertainment industry spans nearly 30 years - from Singer, Song Writer, Musician, and Performer...  to Documentary Film Maker and Producer of Top-Tier Tribute Acts.
Shawn Has A Long History Of Involvement With The Music Of The 50's, 60's & 70's
In addition to his credits as a producer, Shawn has had the honor and privilege of touring and recording with such legends as..... Chubby Checker, Roger McGuinn, The Shirelles, The Crests and Joey Dee and the Starlighters.
Shawn's Productions Have Performed At:
  • Walt Disney World's "Epcot Center" - Orlando, FL
  • The MGM Grande - Las Vegas, NV
  • The Flaming Hilton - Laughlin, NV
  • Costa Cruise Lines
And For Prominent Corporate Clients Like:
  • Merecedes Benz
  • Roche Pharmecuitcles
  • Bank Of America
  • Ford Motor Company
And At Many Legendary Venus Such As:
  • The Crown Theater - Chicago, IL
  • The Rose Garden - Portland, OR
  • The Plaza Hotel - New York, NY
Producer Shawn Bryant Brings A Special Dimension To The Show
Which Is Why We Say That The Beach Buoys Are...
More than a tribute...
Jerry Cole Shawn and Adam Marsland performing at the Wrecking Crew Tribute NAMM 2008.
Hal Blaine and Shawn performing at the LA Premier of Denny Dedesco's documentary film "The Wrecking Crew".
Don Randi and Shawn auditioning keyboard sounds before a recording session.
Jerry Cole, Hal Blaine, Don Randi and Shawn take a break from recording "The Makaha Sessions" at Sage and Sound Studios - Hollywood,  CA.
Shawn has had the honor of writing, recording and performing live with many artists who are peers of The Beach Boys...  legendary musicians who played on the Beach Boys' original recordings.

These musicians created The Beach Boys "Era"... they WERE the Era!  People like:
  • Hal Blaine - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Grammy Award winner. Played drums for most Beach Boys records from 1963-1966
  • Jerry Cole - One of the top Surf Guitarists in the world. Member of the legendary Wrecking Crew. Recorded Beach Boys songs: California Girls, Wouldn't It Be Nice, and many others.
  • Don Randi - Played piano and organ on many Beach Boys classic recordings: Help Me Rhonda, California Girls, and many tracks on the Pet Sounds album!
  • Jan Berry - Of the Legendary "Jan & Dean". Singer, Songwriter, and Producer.
Here Are Some Of Shawn's Past Productions:
The British Invasion
15 Years At Walt Disney World's "Epcot Center"
Shawn is also the producer of the internationally acclaimed Beatles tribute THE BRITISH INVASION - which ran for 15 consecutive years at Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center.
During that time The British Invasion was featured in NEWSWEEK magazine's 50th Anniversary Beatles Edition and heralded by NEWSWEEK as:
"...the longest continuously running Beatle tribute on record".
The Makaha Sessions
Shawn gathered his friends Hal Blaine, Don Randi and Jerry Cole together at "Sage and Sound Studios" in Hollywood to re-record eight of their iconic hits from the 60's for the documentary film "Makaha - The Story Of The Originator".

Also joining Shawn on this session were his friends Nelson Bragg, Adam Marsland and Teresa Cowles.
Legends In Concert... The Fab Four.
Onstage Entertainment President and founder John Stuart and Shawn co-produced this high-end tribute to the Beatles which ran for over two years at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.
Hot Country Nights
Hot Country Nights...Shawn and his partner, producer and choreographer Julie Renn's tribute to Country Legends Garth Brooks, Patsy Cline, Reba McEntire and Willie Nelson ran for over 2 years at the Flamingo Hilton .
So given Shawn's success as a Tribute Producer, Live Performer, and his Professional Relationships with the musicians who actually recorded many of the tracks on The Beach Boys classic hits...
Shawn is able to bring a "Special Authenticity" to the show that just can't be found anywhere else!  So that's why we say...
More than a tribute...
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